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let’s get craftacular and make things with our hands.


kindness craft collective, a project by betterish

The Kindness Craft Collective is for anyone who wants to show up and make kindness a more contagious, courageous sorta thing. This is a series of projects dedicated to producing handmade crafts that spread everyday empathy and delight in Denver & beyond.

appropriate for all ages



Ever heard of a zine? A zine a mini-magazine-of-sorts that is an independently made and distributed for free through the community. What accumulates in a zine can represent a particular moment in time, poetry, artwork, doodles or simply a collection of ideas. The betterish twist: creating zines that can teach and share information that might otherwise be known as a menu, program or informational guide.

OPTION 1: Zine Workshop: Participants will use various papers collected from our shop, and then cut, paste & learn collage techniques in order to create their very own zine scene!

OPTION 2: Let betterish do the work and design and craft a zine for your company, organization or event.


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have an idea? don’t have an idea but wanna brainstorm something creative? reach out and let’s make it happen.