I recently got a deck of moon cards that I've been using at the end of each day to find centering and reflect upon. This deck has been resonating deeply with me for many reasons, one of them being it rooted in Yiddish, the language of many of my ancestors, and a language my grandmother still communicates in. During yesterday's eclipse we sat outside, ate lunch, and pulled cards. This is something I usually do in solitude, but it was incredibly meaningful to practice this in community with my grandmother, learn some Yiddish along the way, and feel the profound effects of the eclipse (did anyone else feel it? whoa holy totality!)

The deck teaches that in Judaism, feelings are angels---messengers along the path. 

Here's to using that power we felt to make the shifts needed at this time, to realigning with our hearts, and to embracing these changing rhythms with kindness & courage.

>>>Moon Angels by @rebekaherevstudio

emily hope dobkin