current mission: doin' it.

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Take a deep breath and go for it. Don’t allow the energy of procrastination to create a staleness surrounding your dreams. Breath is a sign of the body living. When you inhale, you are reminded that you are alive and that every moment represents a new possibility for you to step into your destiny.
— Cleo Wade

The past 10 weeks, I've been taking a entrepreneurial class & learning how to dig deeper into entrepreneurial endeavors. A few things you should know: 
1.) I still can't spell "entrepreneurial" right (thanks autocorrect) 
2.) It's been exciting, gratifying, motivating, reaffirming and frustrating all at once. With these waves of emotions has unfolded a greater sense of determination, fearlessness and perseverance within. 
3.) It's given me the time, space, and energy to formalize this whole betterish 'ish. I'm all fired up to build betterish as a platform that hubs several of my creative "side projects," (which I'm ready to commit more fully to yay) in addition to sharing various stories from a wide range of people that promote different forms of daily betterment. 
4.) I'm currently working to rebrand and relaunch, which should be completed by the end of June. Stay tuned! 
5.) My current mission: to create a space that's honest, dynamic, inclusive, and encouraging. Through and through, a space that gives credit to the merriest, the messiest and mundane. :::
Big hugs & hi-fives to those who have been cheerleading, guiding and supporting me on this journey. I'm so dang grateful for each and every one of ya 💫

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