BETTERISH: The Beginning.


This is geared to be a space to share how a variety of different people are doing their daily life better. Not better than you. Not better than me. Just better for themselves. That obviously means very different things for very different people; I am super excited for the content to vary quite vastly. The core is about betterment. It doesn’t have to be good. It doesn’t have to be the best. It’s just about doing it better. The “it” might be life in general or it might be more specific as cooking or running or study habits or how to balancing it all…or….(seriously: so many possibilities). It’s not necessarily a space to share big ginormous really cool projects; it’s more about acknowledging that small actions, experiences, thoughts, reflections and intentions on a daily basis have the power to lead to something better.  



To describe what this is and why I’m creating this has been a very challenging thing for me to articulate. It boils down to this: I’ve really had this itch to share people’s stories (and a smattering of my own), but have been challenged in realizing a theme to hub them all under. Day after day, I find I am genuinely moved by what people are doing both near and far. There are so many amazing humans who might not recognize they have something worth sharing. Or if they do, there isn't necessarily a platform or blog for them to share their awesomeness on. So, I’m birthing BETTER’ISH.  


For anyone who knows me well, you know I have these invisible emotional antennae: because I am a feeler.  Often times, I do things with no right reason other than my intuition guided me into knowing it’s right because it feels right (NOTE: my parents have always LOVED that about me [wink wink]…but seriously: shout out to them for still loving me and letting me just do it to it).

At this point in time: starting BETTER’ISH is stemming from a need that just feels right, and a strong desire to be writing and spilling open more. 


And so it unfurls & unfolds…


thx! -emidobz, creative-whatever behind BETTER'ISH

emily hope dobkin