adventure ---> productivity

Does adventure lead to productivity?

After doing a recent analysis, I do believe it does (well, for me at least). 

I carved out most of my January weekends with no major plans but to focus on playing catch up on a few personal projects. Perhaps I was too ambitious on what I wanted to get accomplished...but after each of these weekends ended, I felt a sense of disappointment in myself for not checking everything I wanted to off my to-do list.  

This past weekend, Will and I took a pretty big adventure towards the Eastern Sierra's on a whim. We lightly planned the night before but did most of it in spontaneity.

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 8.31.52 PM.png

When I came back Monday night I immediately tidied up my apartment, did laundry, took a bath, wrote & addressed a few cards, and prepped for the upcoming week. I carried forth this momentum at work and overall felt more proactive and on top of my work-to-do's.  

After noticing a renewed sense of purpose after a jammed pack weekend of ventures in the mountains, I've more formally established that yes, adventuring yields productivity. 

It's become more clear to me that our brain cells must get stimulated by new sights and sounds in such a way that triggers us to further activate when we return to our regular routines. 

I'm sure some studies have been done on this, though I have yet to find one (let me know if you do). 

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The moral of this ramble is two fold: 

1.) It's okay to be however old you are and still figuring out the best way you operate to not only yield productivity, but also happiness in your daily life (clearly: I still am...and I'm doing ok. We're all works in progress and we all work differently). 

2.) It's also okay to think you know what's best for yourself...and then switch it up. I have known for a while that I do work best when I have more going on in my life. After the busyness of the holiday season booked with plans and travels and running around for this, that and the other thing, it naturally seemed healthy for me to take a few weekends to restore & renew. But what I forgot is that, winter can have a way of putting me in a rut. I think I've been a bit blinded of that considering the winters I've been living in California have been so sunny. I guess it has taken a true rainy season to remind me of this. Nonetheless, I'm coming to terms that getting out and experiencing newness, even if just 20 minutes away, is not just something I do for fun, but is essential for my mental health. 

...perhaps the moral is three-folded (tri-fold?!) because lastly I will add: no matter what, save time & space for spontaneity. I've most recently been developing a new life motto: whims over wins. Go somewhere random and do life unplanned for a weekend. See where it can lead you. I highly recommend this as spring is approaching. There's nothing quite refreshing as witnessing new beginnings. 

emily hope dobkin