in flux.


Dear Betterish Beings, 

It's been a very long while.

This time last year, I was rather proud of myself for being able to not only launch this project, but keep to a schedule of posting content on here regularly. 

I've had some significant life changes and...well, things have been rather in flux for me as of late. 

While recently packing up my apartment in Santa Cruz, I found this page from a journal I kept a few years ago. It  reminded me that things should actually always be in flux. 

I can't wait to share my journey in fluxing my muscles and living in a great time of in-betweeness with you soon. 

For now, know that I'm stirring up some good stuff on making shifts, accepting what is, and enjoying some air time after making a big leap. 


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, sending gratefulness for you being you and existing in my world. I'm a big advocate of everyday thanksgivings (on this holiday, I often wonder: what if we spread gratitude like we do on Thanksgiving EVERY day). Know that my appreciation spans beyond today's gravy & mashed potatoes. 

May your bellies and hearts be especially full today. Sending love from my table to yours. 



p.s. though I have not been posted on here for a while, I have been a bit more up to date on the betterish instagram<- give a follow if you're in that realm

emily hope dobkin