Kindness Craft Collective

What was your high school yearbook quote?

Mine was: “Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

 I would still choose that quote today.

I think out of those three values, kindness is the most nuanced. The concept of kindness has a tendency to be viewed as this fluffy, easy, cheesy kind of thing. But if it were so easy, we’d be experiencing a heck of a lot more of it on the daily, right?

In the world we’re living in, I genuinely believe giving, sharing, and spreading kindness is a form of badassery.

We so often underestimate the power of a kind heart: it’s soft but strong, unapologetic & honest; bold, brave, giving & gracious.

I recently read this poem that puts kindness in a perspective that allows people to better grasp it’s depth. It starts with:

“Before you know what kindness really is
You must lose things,
Feel the future dissolve in a moment
Like salt in a weekend broth”

(read on here Kindness by Naomi Shihab Nye)

 Throughout my life, I’ve dabbled in a wide range of art forms. When people ask me what kind of art I make, I still fumble with an answer. I realized in recent years where I feel the truest is when I’m creating projects that promote good, can easily be given away, and encourage strangers to connect in simple, meaningful ways. Getting craftacular for a cause remains one of my most favorite things to do.  

I started the Kindness Craft Collective  when I moved to Denver back in December amidst figuring out what my next steps in my career and creative path were going to be. I was craving an outlet where I could offer people to make art with me collaboratively in public settings, while spreading some form of optimism. 

I asked myself:

What is something we could all use little more of, something we all have in us, and something that everyone can understand and appreciate?

 To me, that something is kindness.

I strongly believe that little things can make a big impact, and have since set the intention to build a community rooted in goodness, generosity, and human connection. In forming the Kindness Craft Collective, I’ve aimed to start a movement that creates handmade projects to spread everyday empathy and delight in Denver & beyond. It’s dedicated to making kindness more contagious & courageous.

So far, I’ve mainly designed prints with positive messages that I offer community members of all ages to co-create at public events, such as ReCreative’s First Friday. 

I advocate for people to make two prints: a print for themselves, and a print to give away anonymously...i.e. putting in people’s mailboxes, slipping in windshields of cars, etc.

Additionally, I've gone into a few classrooms designing projects that promote anti-bullying and peer-to-peer empowerment

I’ve also offered Kindness Cards workshops (see: The Craftsman & Apprentice) in which participants create a personalized deck of cards that serve as reminders, prompts an action, or simply encourages paying-it-forward.

I’m just starting to kindle the kindness craft flame, and am excited to share more workshops and offerings late Summer & Fall.

Got an idea? Interested in making something happen? Below is a listing of current Kindness Craft Collective workshops & drop-in activities. Please know I’m always happy to alter or develop new content to better fit the needs of a particular organization, project, classroom, etc. 

In the upcoming weeks, I plan on designing more patches, zines and prints that I will be selling to support KIND (Kids In Need of Defense.)

Stay tuned. Stay kind.




Design a deck of cards that will encourage practicing kindness on the daily. 
Through watercolor, gilding (think: gold leaf), & collage techniques, cut, paste & paint yourself a personalized pack of cards that will serve as reminders, prompt an action, or simply encourage you to pay-it-forward. 



Dive into the world of printmaking by learning how to etch, roll, stamp, press, and print onto fabric. Create your very own patches from carved stamps that promote positive statements and self-expression



Create a step-by-step guide/zine to something you feel passionate about (i.e. “How to Make a Kale Salad” or maybe “How to Be Kind,“ or [enter your own awesome idea here]).

Each participant will get to make 5 copies of their mini zine to keep, trade, and share. This projects is great in building your very own D.I.Y’BRARY!



Create a kit that promotes kindness through various DIY techniques: button making, zine crafting, patch printing and more.

(more info coming soon)



Calling all correspondents & pen pals: come celebrate the written word through crafting letters, envelopes, and postcards. Participants can also learn to make envelopes for their letters and explore a mash-up of DIY mediums including collage, stamping and gilding.



Share your story through found objects, items & things. Dig through boxes and bags of everyday goods to create a study of your life....or feel free to bring your own things!

Learn to arrange the objects of your choice to represent a personal memory or reflection of your present state. Participants will be invited to document their still life explorations through photography and written word.