roll out.

Four years ago, I made something up called the Sacred Crumbs Cleanse.
It was a cooking project of sorts in which I reached out to various women in my life, asked them for recipes, and for the entire month of January 2014, I made one of those recipes every single day. Additionally, I asked these women to share the stories behind the recipes they sent. I documented the recipe, their stories + my story about the relationship I had with each of these women on a blog. At the end of the month, I compiled it all into a personal cookbook I still frequent today. :::
I took on this project for a few reasons:
1.) I wanted to get better at cooking. I had always enjoyed cooking, but was terrible at doing it consistently and varying in what I would make. 
2.) I'd always get overwhelmed looking up recipes online, and really didn't know which to trust.
3.) It gave me a chance to reconnect and celebrate the women I admire and love; everyone from old friends, best friends, my Grandmother's, teachers, professors, Aunt's, and of course, my Mom. :::
I met my now fiancé  a few weeks after completing this ambitious project. (confession: my #tinder profile photo was definitely me cooking in the kitchen which sparked our entire first convo 🤣). Honestly: he cooks way more than I do these days. I suppose I've been less inspired to cook, but reflecting on this project makes me wanna do it again. 
So I'm stirring up the pot(s)...and pans. 
Thinkin' bout launching #SacredCrumbsCleanse, part II. 
Anyone else want to get in on this? 
DM me for deets and let's get these baking pins rolling...


emily hope dobkin